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Mons Royale Womens Virage Bike Shorts Logo

Mons Royale Womens Virage Bike Shorts Logo

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Lightweight and durable construction are essential for mountain biking shorts, but Mons Royale takes their Virage Bike Short even further. Their tough performance fabric is made with recycled polyester, keeping the fabric light and their environmental impact even lighter. The addition of Mons-signature merino wool ensures a fresh scent and a comfortable temperature throughout our ride.


  • Rowdy-ready mountain bike shorts for playful days on the track
  • Earth-friendly performance fibers from recycled PET bottles
  • Merino wool added for odor control and against-the-skin softness
  • Articulated construction with well-placed seams to reduce chafing
  • Included belt keeps shorts solid and keeps the kit on-point
  • Zippered side pocket sized to stash a cellphone securely
  • Straight cut for kneepad compatibility
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