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The OAC Skinbased KAR 149 is our most iconic trekking ski. Recently reinvented, it is now better than ever. While maintaining the spirit of its predecessor, the KAR 149 offers major improvements in nearly every aspect.

A new tip and tail design provide more float and better tracking, while the seamlessly integrated ABS base reinforcements increase durability in high-wear areas. A true all-arounder, the KAR will take you from casual afternoon tours to multiday expeditions with equal ease.

Pair them with a set of OAC EA 2.0 Universal Bindings, and you can ski in your own flexible-soled winter or hiking footwear! The EA 2.0 Universal Binding works with a wide range of adult shoe styles and sizes. Learn more about it here!

Purpose: The most versatile ski in the Skinbased collection. Reliably handles a wide array of terrain, snow types, and adventures.

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