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Heavy Hitter MX Direct Mount Riser Fat Bar 1 1/8" Clamp

Heavy Hitter MX Direct Mount Riser Fat Bar 1 1/8" Clamp

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NOTE: You will need to trim your steering tube to the correct length to use this stem! This is ideal for most applications but required for this stem. This Stem is solely designed to ONLY work with 1 1/8th dirt bike handlebars!

The Ability to run 1 1/8th Motocross bars on your E-bike is quite possibly the most underrated upgrade. Gone are the days of bending 31.8mm MTB bars during a ride and not having replacements! You can now go to any dealership to grab a set of 1 1/8th moto bars and keep your weekend going! Not to mention the availability of far more bend options to find your perfect ergonomics! A comfortable rider is a faster rider and safer rider. 

We changed the ergonomics compared to what you typically see on MTB style risers and put the bars directly over the Stem! This is pretty standard in the motorcycle world and for good reason! Steering feel is greatly affected by placing your bars out further then the triple clamps. 

Functional and attractive, the Heavy Hitter MX Riser not only puts your body in a more comfortable position but also gives you better leverage over the front end making the bike more flickable; especially in low-speed situations.

Torque Spec: The recommended torque setting for the top clamp is 132 in-lb (11 ft-lbs), tighten each of the 4 bolts evenly to provide an even torque spec across all bolts. 


  • Make your e-bike feel more comfortable and precise with this stem riser
  • Direct mount stem adds 1.75" of rise to your handlebars, while also repositioning them for better ergonomics
  • Wide clamping area for increased bar stiffness
  • Built strong to withstand abuse and light enough for racing
  • Made from 7075-T6 Aerospace-grade aluminum with an anodized finish
  • Bolts directly to stock and most aftermarket forks
  • Fits 1 1/8" motocross Fat Bars.  28.575 mm Clamp


Vehicle Fitment

  • Sur Ron LBX
  • Segway X260
  • Talaria Sting
  • E Ride Pro-S
  • E Ride Pro-SS

Additional Part Compatibility

  • FOX 40: 2009+ models
  • Marzocchi: 2013+ 888 and 380 models
  • RockShox BoXXer: All models
  • Manitou Dorado: All models
  • Other: Most dual crown downhill/MTB forks (RST Killah, DNM, Fast Ace, etc.)


Note: Many of these e-bikes have been offered with a wide range of equipment, both from the factory and from third-party sellers. Please verify fitment with the specific setup of your bike prior to ordering.

Note: If you have successfully installed this part on a setup not listed here, please contact us so we can help others by updating this list.

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