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Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 140mm

Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 140mm

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To search for our own lines, we kit up with Pomoca's Free Pro 2.0 Ready2climb Climbing Skin. The hybrid construction offers us the perfect balance of grip and glide for traction in varying conditions that doesn't sacrifice forward motion, giving us pro-level performance. Plus, this pair's perfluorocarbon-free hydrophobic treatment prevents glopping and water gain without harming the environment, keeping our climb efficient and our conscience clear.


  • Pomoca’s most universal climbing skin intended for freeriders
  • Click Lock tip bracket accommodates modern ski tip shapes and sizes
  • Tail clip provides a simple, secure attachment you can rely on
  • Glide Pro tech is borrowed from ski-mo skins for better ascending
  • Grip tech increases stability in varying conditions
  • PFC-free Ever Dry tech for eco-friendly moisture-resistance
  • Ultralight design saves valuable energy and packs down small
  • Included skin trimming tool boasts a 2-minute setup
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