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Jetboil Flash Carbon

Jetboil Flash Carbon

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A blistering fast boil time of just over a minute-and-a-half makes the JetBoil Flash an ideal stove to quickly make coffee, soup, or dehydrated meals in the backcountry, at the camp, or on the jobsite. No more waiting around for the pot to boil.


  • Amazingly fast: Boils 16 ounces of water in a lightning-quick 100 seconds.
  • Nests together for easy packing: The burner, stabilizer and a fuel canister fit conveniently together inside the cup forming one compact unit.
  • No batteries or matches required: Start cooking instantly with the built-in push-button ignitor.
  • Drink-through lid: Keeps heat in, keeps debris out, and features a built-in strainer that makes draining pasta a breeze.
  • No need to remove the lid to check if the water is hot: The thermochromatic heat indicator on the side of the cup changes color to let you know when the water is ready. This is a safe and convenient way to save fuel by keeping the heat inside.
  • Bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and bowl: The cup protects the FluxRing from dirt and damage during transport or storage and can be used as a measuring cup and bowl.

One critique we've heard about the Flash is that it's only good for boiling water. No worries, that's easily overcome by adding the accessory Pot Support (sold separately) which converts the Flash to accommodate traditional pots and pans or larger Jetboil cookware. This provides a broader heating surface and by turning the flame down a bit with the built-in adjustment, you'll have better cooking versatility.  

So, What Makes it Boil So Fast?
The FluxRing contains many fin-like folds which provides far greater surface area on the bottom of the pot.  And, the 1-liter hard-anodized aluminum FluxRing cooking cup connects directly to the high performance burner, ensuring that little heat is lost during the cooking process. This all leads to radically reduced boiling times and dramatically improved fuel efficiency.

-1-Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
-Drink-through lid with built-in strainer
-Bottom cup that doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
-Fuel canister stabilizer (that's the orange "legs" that attach to the bottom of the canister)

Note: JetBoil fuel canisters are sold separately and are not readily available online due to flammable gas shipping regulations.  You can pick one up at most sporting goods or outdoor retail stores. 

One-Year Limited Warranty
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