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Redfeather Alpine Epic

Redfeather Alpine Epic

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The Alpine Snowshoe features a built-in Heel Lift that is most helpful when climbing steep terrain, reducing calf fatigue and providing more traction. The Epic Binding is the strongest binding built with two injection molded ratcheting bands that hold the foot down over the top in two places. Also a third ratcheting band around the back of the foot to keep the foot securely in the binding system. The snowshoer's foot surface stands on a high impact polymer studded plate for even more stability.

The Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow with every step for added mobility and speed. Our 6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum V-tail is designed for exceptional maneuverability in deeper snow. Aluminum front and rear crampons with the option of powder coated crampons provide stability along with vinyl shields to shed snow and ice. The aggressive toe and heel design ensures maximum enjoyment with each step on all terrains. Our Rip Stop Vinyl decking provides superior puncture and abrasion resistance that stays soft in sub-zero temperatures.

Technical Series 

Epic Binding

Rip Stop Vinyl

Live Action Hinge

Aluminum Front and Rear Crampon

6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum Frame

Heel Lift
The Snowshoe Heel Lift is most helpful when climbing steep terrain
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