AT ski Bindings

Dynafit 2.0 Rotation

For AT ski bindings we offer many Dynafit Tech bindings but it is the Rotation that has been the buzz. We feel it is the best Tech binding for touring and hard charging

Marker Kingpin

If you are just anti Dynafit then the Marker Kingpin is the next best thing. Great stability on the decent and tours well.

Fischer Ambition

Love this binding for people who do not want tech bindings. Light weight and easy to use.

Rottefella NTN

Rottefella Freeride and Freedom bindings. Special addition Freeride bindings are also available.  We do have rentals available if you want to try it.

22 Design

The New Outlaw X. For those who for some reason do not like Rottefella here is your go to. The new version has been improved and is now user friendly 

Marker F12 EPF

Marker F12 EPF is the best binding in this category. Easier to use than the Dukes and Barons. Most for down hill performance and the occasional tour.